Greek Republic of Kefalonia


mayors office

Sq. Vallianou

28100 Argostoli

Tel. 2671360160

Fax : 2671022572

Argostoli, 26 -03-2020


 It is widely accepted that we are living in unprecedented situations that are going to play a key role in our daily lives. It is also acceptable that what is needed to overcome this difficult period is unanimity, cooperation from all relevant bodies and mutual support.

As a Municipal Authority, we have a responsibility towards the citizens and we must pay the utmost to get out of this crisis as little as possible.

Our municipality, from the very first moment, placing the sole priority of protecting the health and safety of the citizens, followed the instructions of the ESA and the relevant ministries.

City Hall employees study the circulars on a daily basis and apply them immediately without any delay. At this point we would like to point out that even employees who have used a special purpose permit, by teleworking, offer their services. The cleaning services continue cleaning the public areas every day with a program and meticulousness.

 We are all in our place, we all offer, we all need.

We remain in our jobs and care for everyone, employees, citizens and professionals. Especially for the afflicted professionals, our municipality has planned a series of measures aimed at their financial relief: exemption from all municipal taxes and taxes, suspension of municipal dues and more. for which there will be thorough information.

These moments require constant updating. We feel the need to know what the state is doing for us and where we are. In this context and given that today’s City Council will be held via teleconference, I have preferred to speak to you personally and inform you of the steps we have taken to date through a consultation.

It goes without saying that our effort continues and does not stop there. On a daily basis, depending on developments, our Municipality adapts, designs and implements. He is not complacent, he is not stumbling.


From the Mayor’s Office

For those proficient in Greek or those taking this pause in life to improve your Greek here is the message in full.


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