Western Greece Areas Rise to High Fire Alert for First Time This Year

According to a forecast by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Regional Units of Achaia and Ilia, on Tuesday June 25, 2019, will be in risk category 3 (high), as shown in the attached Fire Risk Map.

For this reason, citizens should avoid work and actions that may cause a fire through negligence, such as throwing a lit cigarette, burning crop residues, using sparking machines, using outdoor grills, and so on.

Particular attention is paid to farmers, breeders and beekeepers to prevent fire-induced acts of neglect due to work in the countryside.

It is reminded that during the fire-fighting period, the use of fire in the countryside for various reasons is prohibited, as well as the burning of crop residues without the required permission from the Fire Service.

The Region of Western Greece has posted on its website ( www.pde.gov.gr ) all the directives that citizens must follow to protect themselves against fire and how to deal with the risk.

If you notice a fire, please contact the Fire Service immediately at call number 199 or the European Emergency Number 112.

The classifiations in English are as follows;
1 – Low
2- Medium
3- High
4- Very High
5 – Alarm Status

Suquential status of daily fire warning are viewable via this link
We will be providing live links to daily status (now added in main page footer for 26th June Kefalonia in high risk status) for the remainder of the 2019 fire season, as the island hits 4/5 levels you should expect announcement that the national park of Ainos wil be closed to visitors which we will also provide updates on.

In the meantime please ensure you have cleared all dry grass from your properties and are aware of the basic precations issued by General Secretariat for Civil Protection.



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