What about quarantine arrivals from abroad?

A special form with their IDs and home address where they are due to spend 14 days of compulsory quarantine will be required to complete by air travellers to the country following the government’s restrictive measures.

Details of the process are being drafted by the Civil Protection and Civil Aviation Authority. According to current data, however, passengers from overseas flights subject to quarantine measures will complete a document with their identity and home address where they will remain for as long as they are restricted.

All the data will be transmitted to the ‘information center’ set up by Civil Protection at the Unified Coordination Center for Fire Brigades in Chalandri. The staff of the center will conduct random telephone checks to determine whether or not the quarantine measure is being complied with, without the possibility of activation and the police being ruled out for the time being. Violators will be fined € 5,000.

At the same time, in consultation with the Civil Aviation Authority and airport administration, arrivals gates will be restricted to facilitate the dissemination of printed information material to travelers with National Public Health guidelines.

source – kathimerini.gr


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