What about the unvaccinated in the restaurant and the masks indoors?

The government is cutting off any discussion on lifting the restrictions that apply to the unvaccinated in the restaurant . What the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris states;


The government has already relaxed the measures with the mask no longer mandatory outside . Reasonably the question arises what will happen with the interiors and the presence of unvaccinated in them.Fully vaccinated and those with a disease certificate continue to enter regular nightclubs and indoor bars, cafes and restaurants upon presentation of the disease certificate .

In the past few days, however, details have been revealed about what is to be planned for the unvaccinated and their entry into the restaurant as well as other activities in which measures are still in force.

As the competent minister Thanos Plevris said,  as long as the weather improves things will be more open for the unvaccinated since they will be allowed to enter the outdoor areas of the restaurant with the demonstration of a negative rapid test.

“In the restaurant all the restrictions for the vaccinated have been lifted”, the Minister of Health had characteristically said to SKAI and had stressed that “for the time being, the government says it very clearly, the restrictions for the unvaccinated will continue”.
“We are not going to de-escalate measures for the unvaccinated soon and I do not know if we will go in general,” he said.

Let’s go for the end of the mask and indoors

The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis , recently, during his visit to an elementary school, said to students:

“From tomorrow we do not need to wear a mask outdoors. And I believe that we will soon get rid of the masks in the classroom because I know it was a big trouble and difficult for you and well done that you managed to be so disciplined but I think the pandemic is over and we will be able to slowly return to normal us”.

In addition, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already signaled the removal of the protective mask indoors, including in schools.

Of course, they made it clear that this would only happen in the lower risk areas, where there is no outbreak of the virus. However, as the CDC sets the “line” for pandemic management in the US, the same tactics are expected to follow in Europe – and Greece – sooner than expected.

Source – dikaiologitika.gr

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