What are the reasons for “exemption” from compulsory vaccination – The application and the procedure 

What are the procedures and what are the reasons for exemption from compulsory coronavirus vaccination , detailed instructions. Who are excluded and how the application is made, what are the committees.

Detailed instructions for exemption from compulsory vaccination. Who can not get the coronavirus vaccine and not pay a fine and what is the procedure.

Conditions for exemption from compulsory vaccination:

Excluded from the application of the mandatory measure of vaccination against COVID-19 are those citizens who have proven health reasons that prevent the vaccine from being carried out, namely:

  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Diagnosed allergy
  • Thrombosis syndrome In thrombocytopenia
  • History of thrombocytopenia
  • Diagnosis of pericarditis or psychocarditis

Competent bodies and procedure

  • Responsible for the decision to exempt from the obligation of vaccination are the three-member committees in each Health District, which are recommended by a decision of their administrators who can seek and take into account the opinion of a competent doctor, if he is not already in formation of the committee, doctor of corresponding specialty.
  • Requests for exemption from compulsory vaccination are sent on the same day exclusively through the treating physician to an email address that is announced on the website of each Health District.

Necessary application details

The application includes complete details of the applicant as well as the treating physician:

  • Name and surname
  • Social Security Registration Number ( Α.Μ.Κ.Α. )
  • Electronic communication address for sending the decision of the competent health committee
  • Date of request for exemption
  • The reason for the exception

Attached is the medical certificate of proof of the exclusion with all the necessary information, as well as any other critical evidence.

Application deadlines

Applications for exemption from compulsory vaccination for medical reasons will be submitted to the competent health committees by January 14, 2022.

  • Applications are answered within an exclusive period of seven (7) calendar days. The decision is notified electronically to the applicant and the treating physician.
  • During the period from the submission of the application until the issuance of the decision by the competent health committee, no sanctions are imposed due to the non-vaccination.
  • On January 28, all citizens who make a rejection decision must have made the first instalment in order not to be charged the fine.

The treating physician keeps in a special file the answers of the competent health committees, to which the applicant also has access.


Source – dikaiologitika.gr


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