An aggressive commercial policy with a new model of discounts on electricity has been prepared for 2020 by PPC. The aim of the reduced prices is to target consumers who will sign an annual or biennial contract that commits them to staying in business.

As PPC’s competent sources at PPC said,  the new pricing policy  aims to maintain the company’s customer base, as opposed to the current consistency discounts that do not oblige consumers to remain in it.

This is a variant of contracts already applied to mobile telephony, where the discount on the fixed or the cost of the telephone is associated with the  signing of a fixed-term contract . The amount of discounts on electricity has not been decided yet, but is likely to range in the range of 10% and will be scaled up depending on the duration of the contract.

The implementation of an attractive trade policy is a key component of PPC’s new business plan, expected to be completed by the end of the year. The president and chief executive of the company, George Stassis, had outlined the framework in his statements during the announcement of the group’s six-month results, stressing that the  new business plan in  addition to the withdrawal of lignite units, digital transformation and weaning will include “modernizing marketing with new trade policies and products, not only horizontally but also targeted”.

The customer-centric approach of the new PPC administration also includes the provision of a new “package” of home repair and maintenance services (eg plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, etc.)

Consumers who choose to do so will be able, for a low monthly fee, to call craftsmen at their home for repairs to a specific number of cases per year (eg five times).

In the same context are two recently implemented PPC administration initiatives: the new system of settlement of arrears with lower down payment and more installments and the activation of the gas market with programs targeted at households (communal or self-benefits) and businesses.

PPC’s proposals for gas consumers are described in detail at  and include special discounts for new customers who will sign contracts  by the end of January 2020 , with fixed pricing plans (regardless of price fluctuations). fuel) etc.

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