What not to do in the decoration of the Christmas tree -Tips of a special decorator

Christmas is approaching and those of you who haven’t decorated yet, is it time to do it? But how do you make a Christmas tree that will impress your guests?

You have already started seeing photos of your friends’ Christmas trees on social media. Certainly some have caught your attention, and with some you may have laughed. When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, there is always a fine line between festive and scary.

This year, you might want to originalize and prepare an alternate tree with balloons and garlanders instead of the usual, or decorate a staircase instead of a tree. But if you choose classic décor, it is a good idea to do it right.

The Christmas tree dominates these days, at home. How to decorate it without looking scary Australian interior designer Carlene Duffy shared her tips in the Daily Mail on how to make your tree stand out this year for the right reasons and decorative traps to avoid. Among the rules you should follow are garlands and the avoidance of many colors for the balls so that your Christmas tree does not look excessive or scary and your Christmas decoration stands out.

The mistakes you make in decorating the Christmas tree
 1: Many garlands
Garlanders on the Christmas tree can give a nice finish, but they don’t have to be too many. According to Karlen Duffy, the generic idea in Christmas decoration is a tree that wants to show something but not dominate the space. “The problem with garlands is that they tend to get attention so that no one observes the ornaments that you put so effortlessly into your tree,” he said. If you still can’t imagine a tree without garlands, then the decoration expert suggests that there is little or even no room for the other ornaments to shine.

2: Relax with color
If you want to impress with your Christmas decoration, you can create a Christmas tree that will have ornaments of specific colors and not all iris colors. As the expert says, before you start decorating your tree, think about what your color palette will be this year. This can include a traditional palette, such as red and green or some pastel shades for a more “modern touch”.

 3: Avoid cheap Christmas balls
While Christmas decorations can be economical, the problem often lies in the fastenings they hang on the tree, so they fall regularly. To avoid this, Carlen suggests replacing them with a simple wire you can hang on the branches, without the risk of falling each time you touch it. “You would be glad you did if some weird kid hands wanted to grab these ornaments and play with them.”

4: Avoid multicolored lamps
When it comes to adding lights to the Christmas tree, you may be part of that group of people who love colorful candles. On the one hand, they may add a more festive touch, but on the other hand, they are a bit kitsch. If you want to impress with your Christmas decoration without sacrificing that particular glow, prefer white lights.

5: Say No to Cheap Plastic Baubles
Many stores offer cheap Christmas decorations, but these generally do not last and if your ornaments fall to the ground, they may break.

The expert says there is no need to spend extra money to buy expensive ornaments, however if you want timeless ornaments, choose one that is made of fabric or a durable material or even make one yourself.

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