What to do when schools start: Thoughts to open two weeks later

The proposal to postpone the start of the school year seems to be on the table, as new epidemiological data overturn the planning for the premiere of the courses.

The official announcement recently stated that the schools will open on September 7. However, the data have changed since then, with cases rising sharply in recent times and epidemiological data deteriorating. New measures are constantly announced in order to stop the increase of cases, with the recent cancellation of the TIF but also the imposition of restrictions on the opening hours of health stores in 15 areas of Greece .

As infectious disease professor Nikos Sypsas revealed yesterday, the discussion for new measures to be taken has already begun. And as new measures are being studied for the whole community or in places, according to exclusive information of iefimerida.gr by the scientists, the possibility of delaying the start of the school year by two weeks is being considered.

The proposal will be discussed in the next period, when the final decisions will be taken, based of course on the epidemiological data, which, however, have been particularly burdensome lately.

Earlier today, infectious disease specialist Gikas Majorkinis, speaking to SKAI and referring to the opening of schools, said that the intention is to have more regularity, so that people can function as usual, however, with an “active second wave” of coronavirus, characterized ” relatively difficult ”the possibility of schools opening on time.  

“On the table is the rotating teaching, as it was in May, and the use of the mask. It will depend on how active the epidemic is. And there are definitely two age groups, children under 10 and children over 10, who have different characteristics. ”

Even more caustic, sounding the alarm a while ago, speaking to SKAI, Professor of Genetics at the University of Geneva Manolis Dermitzakis said that based on what infectious disease specialists see coming, if we do not all act to stop the epidemic, it will be a detail when will the schools open. “We will have much more serious social and economic issues to deal with,” he said.

source – iefimerida.gr 

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