What to watch when buying eggs, according to EFET (Hellenic Food Authority)


Egg is one of the foods that are almost always in our kitchen, so we need to know how to choose them. The Single Food Control Authority has also issued instructions on what to watch when buying  eggs .

According to EFET, therefore, all eggs (including bulk sold in the Popular Markets) must bear the distinguishing number of the producer on the shell in clear letters. This number includes:

* Breeding method code number: 
0 = Organic 
1 = Free grazing 
2 = Barn or bedding with litter 
3 = Cage

* The country of origin, which for Greece is listed as GR

* The code number corresponding to each Prefecture

* The identification number of the laying hen unit


In addition, in stores all eggs must be packed. Obligatory in both the large and the small packs, on the outer side of the package, the indications (in addition to those in the egg shell) must be indicated: 
* The code number of the egg center. 
* Quality and weight class. 
* The number of eggs contained in the package. 
* The date of minimum durability (28 days after the laying date).

Consumers should also pay attention to:
• The expiry date and the indications on the packaging (such as the date of packaging or egg-making) to check the freshness and suitability of the eggs. 
* Eggs may be sold as ‘extra’ or ‘extra fresh’ only until the seventh day after their packing or on the ninth day after spawning. 
* The color of the shell is associated with the breed of the laying hen and is unrelated to its quality. 
* The coloration of safflower depends on nutrition and does not affect the nutritional and biological value of the egg.

Aditional tips for buying, maintaining and eating eggs:
* Avoid buying eggs with a dirty, cracked and abnormal shell. 
* Avoid eating eggs with blood stains, with whitish thrombosis, colored, mixed with yolk and unpleasant odor. 
* Do not use eggs with unpleasant odor. 
* For good maintenance of the eggs should not be washed and should  be kept in a cool place . 
* The freshness of the egg is determined by the size of its air chamber. Fresh eggs have a very small chamber.

source: olivemagazine.gr

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