What will happen to the Greek-Italian ferry connection?

Shipping companies say they are “thrown” into the same case as the airlines.

“How is it possible for airplanes to travel without vacancies and for ships to have empty seats around the passenger?”

“There is also a problem with the cabins. One per cabin – regulations say – unless traveling with immediate family. Think a ship line that can carry and 100 trucks should hold 100 cabins for drivers. 

No reference to the Greece-Italy itineraries

They also point out that there was no clear reference to the announcement of the shipping of ships on the Adriatic lines. The lifting of restrictions on maritime transport does not include lines from Patras to Italy.

The measures ended yesterday Friday at 15.00 noon but there was nothing new.

The briefing of the companies from the competent authorities is that a Joint Ministerial Decision will be issued immediately, which extends the limitation period until 31 May for connections with Greek ships with Italy, Albania and Turkey.

Vehicles are allowed to transport goods so that the supply chain is not broken but not passengers.

The ANEK-Superfast consortium informed its agencies that it will be able to issue passenger tickets after May 31st and asked them to cancel all tickets purchased for the last two weeks of May.

It seems that the decisions on the Adriatic lines are being taken after the two countries have reached an agreement, since the pandemic crisis has brought Italy to its knees, without finally overcoming the problem.

Italians are expected to open the border on June 3 after the Catholic Pentecost.

However, restrictive measures on the Patras-Italy route did not cause unexpected financial problems for the companies – as group trips to and from Greece had already been canceled due to the pandemic.

The transport of trucks has long been the financial oxygen of companies in the first months of each year.

On the Adriatic lines, there are 11 ships operating from Patras-Igoumenitsa to the ports of Printezi-Bari-Ancona-Venice. The companies are the Grimaldi Group to which the Minoan and the ANEK-Superfast joint venture belong.

Source: thebest.gr/ newmoney.gr

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