What will happen to the school year after a coronavirus closure in schools and universities! The possibilities the government is considering


The shocking findings about the coronavirus that led to the closure of schools.

Schools across the country will remain closed for two weeks for preventive reasons to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and this decision will apply to all levels of public and private education and will have immediate effect.

So kindergartens and kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, high schools but also IEK, HEI, TEI private and public will be closed.

The Joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministries of Health and Education was signed, which decides to ban the educational operation of all educational structures in Greece, public and private, from tomorrow and for the next 14 days.

“The measure relates to schools, universities and other educational structures overseen by the Ministry of Education, such as IEK, SBS, KDBM and tutorials,” the JMC said. “Structures inhibit the lifelong learning process (but not distance learning), as well as meetings such as restaurants, libraries, reading rooms, etc.,” he added.

However, it is clear that the administration and housing will be functioning properly and that research at universities will be carried out smoothly.

“This extraordinary measure is being taken for preventive reasons, with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus to citizens,” the JMD said at the end.

Education Minister Niki Kerameos appeared reassured about the possibility of missing the school year for students and students , stressing that the government is considering all possible ways to avoid any problems with missing school hours. He specifically stated that “ there is no worry about the school year, the school year will end well. Suspension for 14 days can be covered in many ways. 

We will adjust the teaching hours from 45 to 35 minutes in schools so the learning process will be more intensive. There are schools that have been closed for a while so in fact we will be going over two weeks. There are further tools we have in our remit, such as using Easter holiday days. There is obviously a scenario if the closure of educational establishments is prolonged so that there is an extension of the school year and a reduction in the material. There are so many scenarios. ”

At the same time it has left open the possibility that the parades for students on March 25th will not be held this year.

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Europe and Greece, with our country fortunately so far remaining at the level of outbreaks, not deaths. But since we only have outbreaks in our country, many are wondering why a universal lock has been announced in all schools across the country for 14 days. The answer is anything but auspicious.

Coronavirus: Closed and tutorials

The decision to universally suspend the operation of all levels of education was not an easy matter for the competent ministry of the coronavirus health ministry, according to reliable sources from the committee itself, which had discussed the matter since last Saturday. The decisions to be taken also include as it became known late in the afternoon and tutorials, foreign language centers, lifelong learning centers and more.

This measure is also accompanied by the strict recommendation that parents “limit their children’s exposure”, something that scientists themselves know is “not feasible, but it is good for parents to try to persuade them to discipline”. 

So why did the Commission today, and not Saturday, take drastic action to close nurseries, schools and universities, public and private, announced this afternoon by Health Minister V. Kikilia?

The coronavirus and the shocking scientific findings for children

The decision had to do with two newer scientific data put forward by the committee that concerned the high transmission of the new virus by people with mild or no symptoms.

  • the fact that children keep for a long time, which reaches and may exceed 14 days, much of the virus (viral load) in their body.
  • By maintaining a high viral load for many days, they could, although not themselves seriously ill, spread the virus to the community, endangering vulnerable groups of the population.

The announced measure concerns the closure of all educational structures for two weeks, but will be reviewed after that period and is likely to be extended for longer if the risk of spreading the virus in the community remains high.

However, emphasis will also be placed on our country, as is already the case in other countries in the diagnosis of serious incidents, and not only on those who have “appeared” as a simple virus. This will not only be diagnostic but also therapeutic. For this possibility beds are already being sought in specially designed ICUs for patients with coronavirus.

source -newsit.gr

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