When Kefalonia-Ithaca-Zakynthos were united as one island -They divorced 18,000 years ago

The present work studies the paleo -geographic representation of Greek archipelago the last 150.000 years with the use of ARCGIS and ARC VIEW.

 Aim of present work is to show the continuously altered extent of shelf of Greek sea the last 150.000 years because of the change of sea level. 

And concretely for the following five chronicles spaces:

1. Before 100.000 years until 60.000 years when the sea level was from 20m to 60m lower than current, focused in the 70.000 years before when the sea level was in the -60 m from current . 

2. Before 30.000 years when the sea level was 80m lower than current. 

3. Before 22.000 years until 18.000 years when the sea level was 120m lower than current. 

4. Before 10,000 years when the sea level was 50m lower than current. 

5. Before 8. 000 years when the sea level was 20m lower than current

Amining in the first place the learning of use of GIS for the appointment of spaces that can have economic and cultural interest. With the present work will be presented a line from charts that will show the changes of coast line Greek archipelago the last 150.000 years so that will be helped the geologists, biologists, are fished also archaelogists so that they can focus their researches in the correct regions for layers, piscatorial fields as well as prehistoric settlements. 

Floating with the use of GIS it becomes:

(1) representation of the coast line and of the marine bas-relief the last 100.000 years in order to be examined the islands Lefkada, Kefallinia, Ithaca and Zante as well as Sporades remained continuously these islands with a full view to investigate the start of the navigation in Greece and

(2) with the 3-D representation of the geometry of the coast line and environment of bas-relief for concrete time spaces in order to acquire a picture for how the prehistoric person conceived his around space. 

As well as how the perception of this space into which he was living prompted him to develop navigations faculties in order to visit the islands. 

The conclusions that come out, studying the all charts and observing the change of sea level in each of five time periods in the past. It is observed a lot of differences in the morphology of the continental region and of the islander region. 

The coastal morphology of Aegean and Ionian varies but is usually constituted by abrupt rocks and narrow coastal area. The most extensive regions of shelf exist in northern Aegean and, in smaller degree, in Ionian and in Eastern Aegean.

18,000 YEARS AGO 

Source – http://www.arxeion-politismou.gr/2021/02/otan-Kefalonia-Ithaki-Zakynthos-itan-enomenes.html

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