When your Greeks not good enough to talk in the olive mill?

So we were excited newbies and it was our first season picking olives, we had begged and borrowed nets and some containers (thanks Smith William ) and got ourselves some hand tools to remove the olives from the trees.

After a days toil we had collected what we thought was a stunning amount of olives..rested up and decided to head for the Olive Press the next day.

So off we set for the mill and its full so we take in our now measly collection of olives and make ourselves known but no one speaks English and our Greek was definitely not good enough so things are not going well and any of you who have been in a mill will know may people’s olives are being processed at the same time so identification of your batch is essential, when you speak Greek this is done very easily giving name, tax number etc.

But at this stage with typical Greek creativity the answer was clear , as we have an unusual car for the island our batch was identified with a drawing of our car! 

After that it was plain sailing and a very enjoyable day spent in the olive press and final outcome was great as well




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