Which companies operate from Monday 11/5 (tables + list)


Deputy Minister of Development and Investment  Nikos Papathanasis gave clarifications today about the Economic Activities that reopen on Monday, May 11 , emphasizing that 155,962 employees are returning to work, ie 22.5% of the employees who were suspended due to non-functioning of their businesses and 66,010 companies, ie 25% of the companies whose operation was suspended.

In particular, retail businesses will resume from their physical stores:

  • audio and video equipment
  • textiles
  • iron, paints and glass
  • carpets, rugs and floor and wall coverings
  • electrical home appliances
  • furniture, lighting and other household items
  • music and image recordings
  • toys of all kinds of clothes
  • footwear and leather goods
  • cosmetics 
  • watches and jewelry
  • new and used items

Also, the following companies are restarting their physical stores:

  • rental and leasing of leisure and sporting goods
  • rental of videocassettes and records
  • renting and renting other types of personal or household use, and
  • as well as the shops that operate with cooperation agreements “shop in a shop”

On the same date, the companies will reopen the subject of retail trade in outdoor stalls and purchases of textiles, clothing and footwear as well as other items.

Finally, they reopen:

  • amateur driving schools
  • businesses dealing with gambling and betting in a physical store,
  • as well as diet services.

Therefore, on Monday, May 11, in the second phase of the restart of the economy, 155,962 employees will return to work, ie 22.5% of the employees who were suspended due to non-functioning of their businesses. Also, 66,010 companies are reopening, ie 25% of the companies whose operations have been suspended.

All economic operators reopen with specific operating rules as follows:

For Retail businesses, the maximum number of people allowed (employees and customers) within the main area is calculated as follows:

For stores mainly on the surface 

  • Up to 20sqm: 4 people
  • From 20-100 sqm: 4 people + 1 person per 10sqm
  • Over 100sqm: 12 people + 1 person per 15sqm

Also, in case the area of ​​the store exceeds 300sqm and is developed in more than one level, the level criterion also applies, ie it is allowed up to 1 person per 10sqm per floor.

  • The opening hours of the stores are set at 10 am, except for the shops selling paints and other industrial items that are allowed to operate from 7:00 am.
  • The mandatory distance of 1.5 meters between individuals applies.
  • There is a strong recommendation for the use of a protective mask by staff and customers.
  • And it is recommended not to use elevators. In case of need for use, the allowable occupancy limit is 40%. If there are escalators, the elevator may only be used by people with disabilities, the elderly and the power supply of the store.

For gambling and betting shops

  • As for the rule of permitted persons within the main area of ​​the stores, the same conditions apply as for retail trade,
  • They are only allowed to operate without seated customers.
  • And there is a strong recommendation for the use of a protective mask by staff and customers.

For Driving Schools

  • The presence of customers is allowed only by appointment with the obligation to keep a list of customers that will be displayed in the audit bodies and
  • The use of a protective mask is mandatory for both the instructor and the trainee.

Finally, the following are applicable to industrial enterprises on outdoor counters and markets:

  • Minimum distance of 5 meters between the stalls of the sellers.
  • Maximum percentage of participation in popular markets up to 50% of the original participants.
  • Opportunity to participate with the same percentage of 50% in the parallel popular markets created to avoid overcrowding.
  • And a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people.

In any case, the special importance of hand hygiene is self-evident.

The competent control bodies for the application of the operating rules are:

  • The General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection
  • The Greek Police
  • The Municipal Police
  • The Port Authorities
  • The Health Services of the local authorities of the first and second degree
  • The Labor Inspectorate, and
  • The National Transparency Authority.

source – aftodioikisi.gr

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