Which Greek destinations are British tourists spending the most on? – The Ionian!

Travel receipts from the United Kingdom decreased to € 1,937 million (-6.2%), overnight stays to 25,716 thousand (-3.1%) and visitors to 2.943 thousand (-2.0%).

According to the SETE Institute’s Incoming Market Analysis by Market and Period 2018, based on the revenue, the UK market appears at number one in the Northern Aegean, Ionian Islands and Thessaly, second in the Attica and Southern Aegean and Southern Aegean and Peripheral Regions. Greece and in third place in the Regions of Crete, Central Greece and Western Greece.

Based on the number of visits, it is the main market in the Ionian Islands Region, the second main market in the Attica, Thessaly North Aegean and South Regions and the third major market in the Region of Crete.

UK spending cuts in Greece in 2018

Compared to the average in Greece, it has a higher per-visit expenditure (€ 598 vs. € 449), a higher daily expenditure (€ 75 versus € 69) and a higher average length of stay (7.9 vs. 6.5). In 2018, there was a -6.2% decrease in spending per visit, a -3.1% decrease in overnight spending and a -3.2% decrease in average length of stay.

INSETE’s research also reveals the following …

3 The 3 most popular Regions in terms of number of visits are: a) Ionian Islands b) South Aegean c) Crete.

 High cost per night in the South Aegean Region results in high total cost per visit (€ 748).

 The high cost per night combined with the average length of stay leads to the high total cost per visit to the Regions: Crete (666 €), Thessaly (665 €) and Central Macedonia (600 €).

Μεγάλη The long stay leads to a high total cost per visit to the North Aegean (€ 594).

Ση The average spending per night of visitors from the United Kingdom is higher than the average of the respective Region in 7 of the 11 Regions under consideration.

 The average length of stay per visit by British visitors is higher than the average of the respective Region in 9 out of the 11 Regions examined.

The average cost per visitor from the UK is higher than the average for Greece in 10 of the 11 Regions under consideration.

source – tornosnews.gr

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