Which products are being withdrawn from supermarket shelves today

Several non-essential products are currently being withdrawn from supermarket shelves following a decision by the Ministry of Development.

The decision comes as a measure to ensure a balance and conditions of healthy competition in the market, as Adonis Georgiadis stressed yesterday in a statement.

“The Ministry of Development and Investment, respecting the concerns of the commercial world, for the conditions of unfair competition created through the restrictive measures, from the sale of non-essential industrial supermarkets, at a time when the respective competing stores have closed by state order, decided to ban during the restrictive measures the sale of these items at retail from supermarkets in an attempt to ensure balance and equity in the market. Our goal when all this nightmare is over is for us all to be here with healthy businesses and secured jobs. It’s time to dump her and move on. ”

Which products are withdrawn from supermarket shelves
Specifically, after the JMC, the products that are withdrawn from the shelves, with the exception of e-commerce, concern the products from the following categories:

  • Computers, computer peripherals and software (KAD 47.41),
  • telecommunication equipment (KAD 47.42),
  • audio and video equipment (KAD 47.43),
  • textiles (KAD 47.51),
  • carpets, rugs and floor and wall coverings (KAD 47.53),
  • electrical household appliances (KAD 47.54),
  • furniture, lighting and other household articles – excluding spare parts (eg light bulbs), sweepers for household cleaning (KAD, as well as brooms and brushes for household cleaning (KAD (KAD 47.59),
  • books (KAD 47.61),
  • toys (KAD 47.65),
  • clothing, with the exception of tights (KAD (KAD 47.71),
  • leather shoes (KAD 47.72).

Source –  iefimerida.gr

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