Continuing our theme of improving our environmental footprint whilst living or on holiday in Kefalonia;

  • We are drinking the tap water after we have checked with the representative as in most areas the water is fine to drink and this year even in Argostoli it will be fine after March when the new water treatment unit comes online.
  • We are drinking bottled beer on the balcony – Take your bottle back to the store as you should get a 10 Cent refund or reduction in next purchase cost.
  • We brought with us or purchased on Kefalonia “a bag for life” and are using it for all our shopping drinks
  • We brought re-usable straws and cups for coffees and cold drinks out and about.
  • Were saving money and have not purchased air-con this year or although we have paid for it we are minimising use therefore energy costs.

But we still have rubbish to dispose off, which bin should we use because its all Greek to us!

  •  The Green bins are for waste that cannot be recycled

  • The Blue bins with Red lids are for recycling metal, glass and plastic items

  • The Blue bins with Yellow lids are for recycling cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes and paper 

As you can see you will always have the bonus of a friendly bin cat to chat with as you recycle!









One thought on “Which Recycling Bin Do I use?

  • February 16, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Apparently Lixoury has the biggest recycling plant in Greece


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