White Rocks Lassi Press Release – closed until 2021

Tuesday 14 July 2020
During these unprecedented times of the COVID–19 global pandemic, the Greek tourism and travel industry
is facing a major crisis. This unfortunately leads us to announce, that the great efforts our company ‘White
Rocks’ has made in order to commence our operation this summer, have been inefficacious and therefore
we are forced to postpone the opening to the season 2021.

Throughout the 46 years of consecutive operation, we have always aimed at the well-being and prosperity
of our employees, our partners and the local community of our beloved island. During this unequal battle
and this fast changing, uncertain environment, our decision is a one-way road, not allowing us -even with
low occupancy rates- to boost the local community, associates and local market.

Hence, our strategic vision is redirected toward a fresh start for Summer 2021, where we are working on
developing new procedures and operations, and scheduling trainings that will allow us to reposition our
travel product successfully for the season of 2021.

Your sincerely,
The White Rocks Management Team
Communications Contact: Mr Polinikis Poulios, +30 26710 28333, Hotel Manager


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