Why are we breaking pomegranate on New Year’s Eve?

Breaking the pomegranate for.. Good luck charm, it’s one of the oldest customs for New Year’s Day.

A custom that was originally launched in the Peloponnese, but also in Serres, and was later spread throughout Greece.

The pomegranate conceptual means flow and strength, is the fruit of life and luck, while seeking one’s roots will reach up to ancient Greece, where they thought that the grains of pomegranate symbolized abundance, perhaps because of their quantity, Fertility, eternity, but good luck.

Tradition wants New Year’s Day, the family to put on the good and go to church to attend the Divine Liturgy of the Great Kingdom and to welcome the New Years.

The landlord takes the pomegranate with him to “be blessed”, and when everyone returns home, he must knock on the door to open it, so that he will be the first to enter the house in the new year.

At the moment she breaks the pomegranate and wishes to flood the house health, happiness and joy, as are the nipples of the pomegranate.


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