There is no one on the island who has not visited Ainos. The big mountain as we want to call it. On this path and above the chapel St. Eleftheriou are the well known all “radar Enos” .The radar term comes from an abbreviation of “English words RA dio D etection A nd R anging» and means “Detection by electromagnetic waves and distance measurement “. It is a basic electronic system of electromagnetic detection, monitoring of fixed and moving targets, at distances and lighting conditions prohibitive for direct visual detection, ie with the human eye or optical instruments.

 But what goals did they want to identify or pursue and why did they make them in Kefalonia, which was devastated by the earthquakes of 1953? Who made them and why?

The versions that have been heard are different .. I think that two are more logical

  1. It is air radar And it is part of the Greek air defense because of our position and because it was a unit of the Air Force.
  2. are rain radar since their shape Refers to the rain radars of the time.

But the truth is very different

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was signed in Washington in April 1949. The agreement was reached between 12 countries in Europe and North America. in 1952 Greece and Turkey joined NATO, and in 1955 the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany).

An important factor in the stability of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ) was the secure and direct communication between its member countries.

The four huge dishes exist in the “radar of Ainos” area, they have nothing to do with radar. They are parabolic mirrors, ie antennas and are part of a project called “ACE High” , designed and implemented by NATO from 1956 to 1960 for the above purpose.

ACE stands for “Allied Command Europe”. ( Allied Command Europe Highband)

ACE High was a NATO communications system designed to provide long-range telephone and telegraph communications services to NATO. These two services combined produced over two hundred channels and the equipment was able to multiply them to contain up to 12 different calls. There were 82 stations, located in nine different NATO countries.

The advantage of ACE High was that such connections would continue to operate even if shortwave connections were weakened after the use of nuclear weapons. The system was used for the top management level.

To understand the size of this project we can see the photos below


We find that the 82 stations started from the depths of Turkey and reached as far as Sweden and the Faroe Islands. It should be noted here that ACE High was connected to the previous WACS (White Alice Communications System) network, which was located in the United States of America via Iceland-Greenland-Alaska and Canada. 

The communication between the stations took place on the frequencies 832.56 to 959.28MHz  

The propagation was done through spherical waves in very long distances that reached up to 500 kilometers. 

The station of Kefalonia With the name “GA-kefallinia” functioned as a hub between the station on Mount Pentelikon in Athens with the name “GB-Athens” (285klm), and the station on Mount Mancuso In the catanzaro of Italy with the name ID- Catanzaro (395klm)

In 1971 the station was renamed “GKFZ-kefalonia”

Remarkable is the power transmission of the stations with the use of special klystron lamps reached up to 10KW. At that time the profit of the antenna (eirp) was not taken into account. This means that at the point of the antenna the transmission exceeded 200 Mw. Prohibitive power for any use today.

A similar base to Kefalonia exists in our neighboring Lefkada near the Plateau of Agios Donatos, and is an extension of ACE HIGH, named “486L MEDCOM”

It is also strange, from the few data that exist for this project, that in almost all the places where there are respective stations they are referred to as radar. Perhaps due to the very high rating of the project (Cosmic Top Secret) they left this term hovering over the local communities.

The station ceased operations on November 30, 1995 for NATO as if it never existed.  

Since then its operating frequencies have been given to Commercial use and after a few years to mobile telephony.

Today most of the 82 stations have been completely destroyed And the project now has unclassified rating 

                                                                                           Tolias Moustakis

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