Why do the cats in Αγκώνας (Agkonas) Kefalonia Disappear?

Good day and happy new year to all, with health, love and every good.

I’m sorry my message is out of the spirit of the days, but I really feel that we need to seriously reflect in front of some human (?) behaviors.

In My Village, Agkonas, for at least a decade, none of our cats have been able to live more than a year and a half barely year!!!. I’m not just talking about my neighbourhood cats, it’s a phenomenon for the Which many village people have complain. We are talking about cats that in our villages are useful, for cats that are fed and chortátes and do not go to steal, that don’t really bother anyone. Cats we raise, we take care of them, not “of the living room”, those who have learned and hunt and survive.

And yet, our cats are lost. From our yard, in the last twenty days four have been lost. Five or six more have been lost from the neighborhood from summer to now. The two in one night. They get lost and never forget them. Few in the years we have found them dead from a car. No one knows their loss. Nor the reason. Really, those of us who take care of these cats have no differences with anyone, we have never bothered anyone. Why, then?

Is it possible, so many times in recent years (we talk about dozens of cats), feed the cat and the next morning never see her again? and what to guess? Who would? and why should he?

What human mind finds pleasure in ” eliminates ” innocent animals, which don’t even bother him, instead are also useful? and what other ” thank you ” can a mind that kills animals? Where can it go?

And, believe me, we feel like we can do absolutely nothing. What to do? Go to the police or the prosecutor? With what evidence? All we know is that cats in the elbow disappear. How? In what way? Why? and so, I’m focused on the humanity of others. Who?

I see my mother, who lives permanently in the village, getting sick. “I feed them, take care of them, raise them… and they are lost”. it has become a routine now. And every time I leave and see them playing in the yard and the fields, I wonder if I’ll see them running and playing next time.

Today, two more kittens did not sleep where they were sleeping, along with three others left, they were raised. I hope they come back. Like every time. And they never come back. Their mothers went missing in the past ten days. They didn’t come back. A cat a little older (1 year old) has left to guard them, lame from one leg, yet she takes it all, even though they are not hers.

Us humans? Why are we doing this? Why? It’s ” cool ;” it’s a ” Hobby “; is it pure mean?

Happy new year everyone. Let’s be a little more like this lame cat…

P.S. of the cats in the photo, there is only one now. And this one, for how long?

source – FB post of Elias Toumasatos

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