Why we should not lower the mask onto our chin

An everyday image, from the moment the coronavirus brought the mask into our lives, is to see many instead of wearing it on their face to have it lowered on their chin. However, this is a very important mistake as it hides many dangers as Elias Mosialos explains.

In a post on Facebook , the LSE professor explains why when we wear a mask where it is mandatory , we should not lower it on our chin when we want to eat something in a restaurant, or we need to do anything. In fact, he emphasizes that we should remove the mask from the mouth and nose.

How can the mask transmit viruses to the mouth and nose?
“The area under our chin and neck are also exposed to viruses. The same viruses from which we try to protect ourselves by wearing the face mask. If we need to do something that requires removing the mask from the place where we have to wear it, it is better to remove it completely. “Let’s think practically so that the use of the mask has the best result”, the professor states in his post.

It is clear from the picture, by lowering the mask on the chin there is a risk of the inner side becoming infected, then transmitting bacteria and viruses to our mouth and nose.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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