Why You don’t Want to Put Your Hand Near a Turtles Mouth

The sea turtle’s mouth / Photo: anatomika.science

The inside of the sea turtle’s mouth is a little scary … Something unexpected, as most do not have in mind what is going on inside this beautiful giant’s body.

Artist and biologist Helen Cairo, wanting to show what the turtle’s mouth looks like, created an informative series of illustrations that illustrate what really exists. Helen prepares samples for museums and creates content for public viewing, combining her two great loves.

Sea turtle photos
The inside of the turtle’s esophagus is covered with thorns. They hold her food when the swallowed water comes out.

“I’ve loved biology and design since I was a kid,” Helen tells Bored Panda, adding: “I got a degree in art and worked in the toy industry before getting my master’s degree in Biology.” “Recently, I taught human and comparative anatomy courses to undergraduate students, I designed a series of physics games,” says Helen, adding that she is also working on a book on animal anatomy.

The “thorns” in the esophagus of the sea turtle
“I want people to appreciate the complexity and ingenuity of everyday biology that most of us take for granted,” he points out.

When they eat they swallow water
Helen states inter alia: “The anatomy of animals, their behavior and the way they interact with their environment affect their overall maintenance.”

The “thorns” hold the food inside

Source  iefimerida.gr / Photos: anatomika.science

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