Wind speed record at Romanos Patras with 127,1 km bursts – Trees were cut, roofs were cut

Stormy eastern winds with bursts of intense intensity, nowadays in the wider area of ​​Patras, which was severely affected by the new wave of bad weather.

It is indicative that Romanos meteorological station in Patras broke a record of wind speed, as the breezes recorded 127 km per hour, while in other parts of the wider region the eastern winds reached 100 km.

As was next, there were several problems, most notably, the overthrow of a truck that was moving in the morning to the great Perimeter Patras, heading for Athens.

The driver of the large vehicle was unloaded from other vehicle drivers and fortunately was not injured, but for several hours the traffic of the vehicles was carried out only by one current at that point.

In the parking lot of the Regional University Hospital of Patras, the passing drivers saw a fearful big tree pulling out of its roots and landing between two parked cars.

Fortunately, at the crucial moment, no one was passing by the road, while both vehicles were being thrown away by great damage. Of course, the fire brigade needed to chop and remove the trunk of the big tree.

Fate mountain were and students of the Primary School Souli, as gusts of easterly winds blowing in the area, detachment tiles on the roof and hurled the courtyard. Fortunately, the pupils had taught a little less early and left school, while those who stayed for the whole day were in the classroom at the time of the event,

For the incident, the Municipality of Patras was immediately informed that it would send a technician team to assess the school’s ability to operate.

Also, the Fire Brigade went to Crossroads in Achaia to cut a large tree that had been dangerously leaning on the school railings. The fire brigade received more than ten calls for tree drops, broken antennas, etc. in various areas of Patras such as Aroe, Rio, Thea, Xerolakka, New Road, Substation, while branches fell into PPC cables to the Greek Soldier .

Up to a fire occurred on two fronts in a mountainous area of ​​Erymanthos, which had been reinforced due to the windy winds. Three vehicles of the Fire Brigade had rushed and attempted on the ground.

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