Wine ageing in waters of Argosotli lagoon

More from the story we were running yesterday on the wine being removed from the sea bed, these images were from when the wine was put into the water at Farsa last year.

Gepostet von Theodore Orkopoulos am Mittwoch, 7. März 2018


A Mystery, a utopia, a communication with the unknown and unpredictable future.

6 March 2018 A.D. Message to the future!
Today, we are going to anelkýsoume from the sea the wines of 2015, which we had pontísei experimental, for ageing under water!

The only experience of setting and waiting for lifting, but also uncertainty about whether we will find them again, if they are in good condition, and of course the success or not of ageing under water, involves a mystery, a utopia, a communication with Unknown and unpredictable future.

This has led us to a decision to make wine today, but this time without ever going to make it, like a long journey to the future, a contact with you people of the future, which you will find after hundreds of years , and you will come into contact – through wine – with today’s culture and today, a silent generations dialogue. Like an inscription or a scroll that came randomly through excavations from the past! An Odyssey that can be complicated by Poseidon, but also protected by the nereids and the largely unexplored Underwater System!

You archaeologists or divers explorers of the future, you will find written ” messages ” in 6 empty transparent bottles and an ” ARK ” with wines white, rosé and red from the many known autórizes and indigenous Greek varieties that thrive in Greece from much Old, and where we send them to the sea, from the deep past, to you, to the once of the future! You will find information in the empty transparent bottles, for varieties and method of vinification and bottling, with their labels in the bottle, but also their name in linear b!

At the same time, also in transparent empty bottles, you will find messages-letters from a little boy Nicola and from a little girl Katerina, from a random citizen the, from the winemaker of the winery in wicket-Lēxouríou of cephalonia, in the ionian islands of Greece Theodore (Phoebus) Orkópoulo and his wife stavroula, by Constantine Lazarákē, master of wine, by Deputy Mayor Cephalonia Evangelos Kekáto, and finally by the ark setting responsible and good friend, Dimitris Messárē, architect! Messages from today, for you in distant tomorrow!


From FB page of Theodore Orkopoulos

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