Winter Sales commence on Monday 13 January 2020

According to Law 4177/2013, the 2020 winter discounts will begin on Monday, January 13, and end on Saturday, February 29 .

The composition of the provisions relating to discounts (Article 15 of Law 4177/2013 and Article 3 of HR 56885 / 10-11-2014) shows that, except for the indication of the old and new reduced prices of goods and services which discounted sales, discount rate reporting and commercial communication are also allowed. If discounts are made on more than 60% of all items sold, the discount rate is due, so it should be indicated on the shop window and any other commercial communication. If there are different percentages of discounts per product category, the range of the percentage provided (“from …% to …%”) should be indicated. In all other cases it will be stated that the discounts apply to selected species, with reference to the corresponding percentage.

In practice, the indication of the old and the new price is mandatory and compulsory , while the indication of a discount rate is in principle potential. Where discounted prices extend to more than 60% of the business’ s items sold, then and only then will the percentage marking become mandatory, whereby both – ie old and new price and discount rate – will be indicated. The way in which the discounted price is calculated and promoted must be true and not inaccurate. The traders should be able, in the event of a check, to prove that the old sales price on the plate corresponds to reality.

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