Within the week the first impact analysis from the relaxation of the measures

In the next 24 hours, the report of the experts of the committee of experts will begin from the relaxation of the measures that started on May 4, after the first 14 days have already passed.

The most critical week is the one that begins today as experts will begin to record the first results and the possible increase in cases from the gradual lifting of measures. Today marks 14 days since May 4, when the absolute lockdown for the citizens stopped after the five-digit number 13033 that gave the green light for the release of the citizens stopped working.
The competent committee of experts has already begun to study the data of the incidents, although until today there has been no outbreak of cases that would make the country go back.

However, the week that begins is considered the most critical, said a member of the committee as it will judge whether the government and scientists did the right thing and opened the country.

In fact, if it is found that there is an increase in cases in the coming days and some of the categories of activities or commercial stores that have again allowed citizens to contribute to it, then it is possible that there will be local new restrictions.

Moreover it has been decided and the central government any measures taken to contain the virus spreading from now on, be targeted .

It is noteworthy, however, that based on information from the University of Athens that have been implementing a new mathematical model for a few weeks now, which shows exactly how much each measure contributes to limiting the spread of the disease. A model that Maximos executives often consult.

Confusion with the opening

In the meantime, the relaxation of the measures seems to have brought about the relaxation of the citizens, since there is confusion regarding the lifting of the restrictions. Indicatively, today, when the big shopping malls and malls open, it is unknown what is ultimately true for air conditioners . Experts through Sotiris Tsiodras had pointed out that air conditioners in large areas can transmit the virus, unlike household ones, which, if there is no case in the home, should not cause fear.

The cleaning with special substances that are also used in hospitals , is unknown if it was finally applied in the shopping centers so that the air conditioners can be used, without which due to the high temperatures it is difficult to move indoors.

On the other hand, there is confusion with the public transport . At the weekend, in most buses destined for the beaches of Attica, the protection measures were not observed since the passengers were much more than those provided by the ministerial decisions.

However, it raises concerns about who is ultimately responsible as it is impossible for passengers to control the number of other citizens on board, while most drivers do not undertake to close their doors to restrict passengers.

It should be noted that these overcrowded places are considered by scientists to be one of the largest sources of transmission of the virus, as evidenced by studies in the initial phase of the outbreak in Italy .

source – ethnos.gr

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