Wonderful 8-year-old Alexia hit by a stray bullet – She is back in her mother’s hand

Pleasant is the news for 8-year-old Alexia, who was seriously injured by a stray bullet, on Easter today.

As Alpha reported, the little one who fought for her life opened her eyes and grabbed her mother’s hand. Doctors are slowly recovering the 8-year-old who was in a state of repression.

Alexia’s parents cry with joy and emotion that her child responded. Her mother, moreover, had expressed her belief that her child would be well .

Doctors, in their latest announcement, were optimistic about her health , as her condition was steady.

It is recalled that 8-year-old Alexia had been shot in the head by a stray ball , on Easter, when a 54-year-old had been dropped at a feast celebrating.
Source- iefimerida.gr

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