World Farmer’s Day celebrated on October 15 is dedicated to women in the sector.

From the beginning of his creation, man draws his power from the earth and its offspring. And in the difficult times of wars and plagues she returns to it because she feels safe near it. Man, the absolute ruler of the earth, cultivates it and nourishes the family. In all this struggle with the land the protagonist is the male Farmer. 

The Agrotissa woman participates in as much time as the household, the birth and upbringing of the children, but also the care of the elderly leaves free time.

The Kefalonian woman of the countryside gives the battle of life every day on the side of her husband, a farmer, while at the same time she is a mother, housewife, worker, daughter and nurse for the helpless and the elderly, but also a warm embrace of hospitality for the guests, without knowing what holidays mean. , holidays leisure, entertainment. In difficulties he knows with strength and sobriety to inspire confidence and security and to become the pillar of the family.

With her skill, diligence and delicate taste, she continues the tradition in culture, embroidery, knitting with characteristics of local folk art. Living and creating in the village is the backbone of the countryside, a positive core to keep the population and not to desert our place. This woman is a model of consistency and conscientiousness. However, despite her contribution to the local agricultural and not only economy, her work is not registered in static tables, nor is it mentioned in reports.

Today, the International Day of the Peasant, pays due respect but also reminds the debt of the State to recognize in practice the multifaceted and multifaceted offer of the Peasant who is not inactive and dependent. It really deserves and deserves a lot.     

Dr. Spyridon A. Theotokatos

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