World Museum Day Today – Issues Raised in Kefalonia regarding lack of political support for Museums

The text below is reproduced from FB post of Sōtērēs kourēs


World Museum Day today and our Kefalonia with its rich historical and cultural heritage has no Museum.

The earthquakes of Kefalonia in 2014 deprived us of the Argostoli Museum.

Sami is without a museum, Poros is the same.

Our Lixuri, which has building facilities, has not yet decided what to put in.

DROPI, 5 years of the Regional Authority of Galiatsatos and 4 years of SYRIZA-ANEL government and one of the non-existent MPs, we are still in the meetings, without decisions and especially without work.

The Korgialenio Museum of History and Folklore without protection and with thousands of exhibits rotting either in the showrooms or in the basements. 

DROPI, 5 years of Regional Authority Th. Galiazatou and 4 years of SYRIZA-ANEL government and a non-existent MP, 
we are in the same situation as after the earthquakes of 2014. Our historical and cultural monuments, the Mycenaean period, the ancient cities of Tetrapolis and the later historical periods, Kastra Agios Georgios and Assos, untapped and deserted in time and space.

DROPI, 5 years of the Regional Authority of Galiatsatou and 4 years of SYRIZA-ANEL, and a non-existent MP 
, and our cultural wealth is abandoned and untapped.

With a non-existent MP and a Regional Governor ineffective and indifferent, Kefalonia lost the opportunity to promote its cultural heritage. 
Kefalonia lost the opportunity to create the Civil and Historical Infrastructure projects, which would have created the prerequisites for historical and cultural upheaval and economic and social development.

T. Antagonist of Kefalonia and Ithaca. 
Regional Councilor PIN. 
Argostoli 8/6/2019


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