Worrying News – Daily written coronavirus updates return – Concern over new scattered cases in Greece

Many and widespread cases of coronavirus have been identified in the last 48 hours in our country, causing concern to infectious disease specialists and health authorities. It is characteristic that EODY announced that we are now returning to daily information.

“From today, 8/6/2020, EODY will publish daily at 18:00, an epidemiological surveillance report of infection with the new corona SARS-CoV-2”. EODY’s announcement states.

It is recalled that Nikos Hardalias in the last live update he had done with Sotiris Tsiodras, had announced that the update will be done 3 times a week in writing and had added meaningfully: “If you see us doing information it means that things will be difficult” .

Cases have been reported in the following areas in the last 48 hours:

New cases in Xanthi
In the municipality of Myki in the Regional Unit of Xanthi, where sporadic cases of coronavirus are found in various villages. The new confirmed cases were identified in 2,600 laboratory tests, performed by special EODY scales. In addition, another 400 tests were performed at the site by the Civil Protection. This is an area that has seen an increase in cases since the beginning of the pandemic. A comprehensive picture of the possible number of cases in the area of ​​Xanthi is expected to be available late Monday afternoon, when it is possible that announcements will be made either by EODY or by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

Tripoli: A case in a mental health structure, in quarantine 10 more people
A positive case was found in a mental health structure located a few kilometers outside Tripoli. He is a man who has already been taken to the Rio Reference Hospital.

On the spot on the structure there is a ladder of EODY as there are, another 10 to 11 people there, while the structure has already been put in informal quarantine.

At the same time, announcements are expected from the Panarkadiko Hospital of Tripoli, as a few days ago the man was hospitalized in the Pathological Clinic and a wide trail has already started. This is the first case in Tripoli, as the previous cases were reported from the area of ​​Kynouria.

In addition, the results of the examination are expected in a man of foreign citizenship who has shown symptoms and is being treated at the hospital of Tripoli.

Lamia: Four new cases
Also, four new cases were recorded in the last hours in Lamia. They are relatives of an 86-year-old man who had traveled to the United States and is being treated at the city’s Intensive Care Unit. His daughter, who was also admitted to the ICU, his wife, and grandson, who are being treated in a negative pressure ward, were also found to be HIV-positive. Authorities are also tracking the 86-year-old’s contacts in Atalanti.

Kozani: 5 new cases
In Kozani, 5 new cases have been recorded in the last 48 hours , two of which are a pair of Greek travelers who are being treated at the “Bodosakeio” in Ptolemaida. Traces have already begun in their environment, as they broke the quarantine after returning from the Czech Republic. A 57-year-old man who came to a village in Kozani, from Preveza, was diagnosed as positive, as well as two soldiers, who are asymptomatic and remain in quarantine. The 57-year-old is an employee of Technical Services of P.E. Preveza. The Health Directorate of the Region has already carried out the first tracks, both in its professional and friendly environment.

Tracking continues by the Health Directorates of the Region and the Regional Unit of Preveza in collaboration with the University of Ioannina.

The death toll from the coronavirus in our country is 182, as a 58-year-old woman with underlying diseases ended up in the hospital of Alexandroupolis yesterday.

Specialist alarm for new, local lockdown
The government and infectious disease specialists have already rang the bell for the overcrowding in Mykonos – where crowds gathered in an open-air bar, defying the recommendations of experts to avoid overcrowding due to coronavirus – but also in other parts of Greece, in three days. Holy Spirit.

Petsas: Of course there is a possibility of local lockdown
Government officials and infectious disease specialists point out that such images may cause a new spread of the virus, warning that in the event of a recurrence of many cases, local lockdowns in islands or areas are not ruled out . The government spokesman, Stelios Petsas , confirmed that there was a plan for a local lockdown in case of increased coronavirus cases in a structure, school or entire geographical areas, such as prefectures or islands , speaking on SKAI TV. We are not relaxing, “said a government spokesman.

Hardalias: The rules are non-negotiable for everyone, no discount on public health
“We do not make any discounts on public health, the rules are non-negotiable,” said Nikos Hardalias, for his part.referring to the overcrowding in Mykonos. “There can be no areas that seem outlawed or out of order. This is not allowed, there is no way we can make any discounts on public health and the most important thing is that we all need to realize that the laws, the rules, the guidelines are for all of us to follow, “he said. All entrepreneurs should realize that the worst thing that can happen is that protocols are not followed, procedures are not followed and we have problems. This will in any case be to the detriment of the market itself. So we all follow protocols, rules and there is no one to be excluded from it. ”

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