WWF (Greece) update regarding hydrocarbon mining in Greece

Your voice against drilling for hydrocarbons reached the prime minister. In yesterday’s meeting, I had the opportunity, inter alia, to convey your message and to present all available evidence, demonstrating that research and extraction of hydrocarbons is a project with no economic logic that threatens the climate, the natural wealth of the country and our future.

We managed already a lot together in recent months. We traveled around the Sea, Crete and Western Greece to inform and mobilize local communities against the threat which lie ahead. We threw light on all – previously hidden – environmental, economic and social aspects of the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons in Greece. We mobilized a broad front against the mining of hydrocarbons: from top scientists from around the world, by economic operators, tourist businesses and local government, and with the help of the global network of WWF, we brought out the topic internationally.

But plans to go mining. A few days ago ratified four contracts for the concession of 50,000 square kilometers in the Ionian Sea and Crete in oil companies. Furthermore, the total area granted covers almost 75,000 square kilometers Greek sea and land, and promoting the allocation of an additional 38,000 square kilometers in Crete. Many of you may think that all this crazy project no longer upset. The same might be thought when we started 10 years ago trying to detox the country from lignite. Yet just a few days ago, the commitment of the Greek government announced apolignitopoiisi until 2028.

It is necessary to continue the effort. Now, we need your support to win  .

We have already appealed to the Council of State against the approval of the environmental program for the concession of areas of Crete. We hope that the court will win a great victory for clean seas and environmental legitimacy. The process requires hundreds of hours of research and preparation, demanding legal and scientific support work and legal fees.

We face an uphill task but together we can do it!

Thank you very much!

Dimitris Karavellas

Director General of WWF Hellas

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