WWF-Greenpeace Response To Greece grant of 50,000 sq km to Ionian and Crete oil companies


The two organizations call on the Greek Parliament to immediately annul the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction program in Greece and to vote against those conventions that directly threaten the country’s national economy, society and natural environment. In particular, these contracts:

  • They are all about giving the oil companies a huge 50,000 sq. Km of marine land in Ionian and Crete, putting at great risk not only areas of unique ecological value, such as the Kyparissian Gulf and the Gulf of Laganis, but also the Gulf of Limassol, but also , Ionian and Western Greece contributing to the national economy with billions of euros in tax revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs.
  • They do not provide the necessary security guarantees from the oil companies operating in the area, which are responsible for some of the most serious environmental disasters in history.
  • They circumvent the environmental acquis, as they allow for highly intrusive and dangerous operations, such as hydrocarbon exploration and extraction, even within protected areas.
  • They enclose the country on a path incompatible with the Paris Agreement. New policies to avert climate crisis will make farming projects a disadvantage, burdening taxpayers with billions of euros in the coming years.
  • They are perpetuating our country’s dependence on fossil fuels, when all available financial evidence shows that fossil fuel dependence is not only scientifically necessary, but also the optimal economic option in terms of sustainable development.

“By voting for these concessions, members of the Greek Parliament automatically burden our children with a ‘debt’ they will never be able to repay. At the same time that the conventions, which will be responsible for tens of millions of tons of greenhouse gases, are ratified in the House, millions of children in Greece and in every corner of the globe will demonstrate demanding drastic measures to prevent unprecedented ecological collapse. “, Said Dimitris Ibrahim, campaign manager of WWF Greece against hydrocarbon mining in Greece.

“With still fresh memories of a burning summer that has shocked the whole planet and with science warning that literally a handful of years are left before any hope is lost, the Greek Parliament is not only called to vote on another Convention: it has to choose between salvation of the country from climate disaster and the interest of an expired industry. Any ratification of the conventions exposes Greek MPs as being responsible for an environmental and climate crime, both for her and for future generations, “said Takis Grigoriou, responsible for energy and climate change at the Greek office of Greenpeace.

We urge Members of the Greek Parliament to vote against the conventions as nationally damaging and to put an end to a misguided “development” model that has undermined the unique natural beauty of Crete and the Ionian Seas for decades.


source – energypress.gr



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