Xionas, storm winds, rains, storms and “dipping” of mercury will affect the weather in the country, the meteorologists point out, and the new extraordinary bulletin issued by the NMS.

At the meteo.gr site of the National Observatory of Athens (NASA), the new bad weather called “Hioni” is expected to bring snow even in low altitude regions of the eastern continental country.

Indeed, bad weather will also hit Attica with snow in the mountains and hills from Wednesday morning until Thursday afternoon.

At the same time, in the mountains and hills of the eastern mainland, snowfall will occur between Tuesdays and Saturdays. Particularly in Macedonia and Thrace snowfall will also occur in low altitude areas, mainly on Friday.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection, in view of the aggravation of the weather, states that it has informed the competent state agencies as well as the regions and municipalities of the country that they are in increased readiness to deal directly with the effects of the intense weather phenomena.

It also recommends that citizens be very careful, taking care of self-protection measures against the dangers of the phenomenon of severe weather.