Yellow Submarine Kefalonia (Atlantis Undersea Explorer)

Enjoy the beautiful seabed of Kefalonia and the life that lies below sea level during one of our tours with ATLANTIS Submarine to the mythical island of Zeus, the island of the King of the Gods from whom he took his name, but our biggest way to the beach of white rocks with beautiful turquoise waters! Join us in this friendly family excursions with a comfortable boat and overlooking the blue waters of the sparkling Ionian Sea.

We perform three daily tours, starting from the port of Agia Pelagia (Svoronata) , south of the airport in the Livathos area.
  • Two 1.5 hour tours each
  • A tour time of about 3 hours
In both our tours we head towards the island of Zeus, enjoying the wonderful seabed and the underwater world, small and large fish, turtles often come across in our travels, but the gulls and the magnificent cormorants nesting on the island! We make a short stop of about 20 minutes where you can enjoy a cool bath, admire the beauty of nature and the Greek Orthodox church standing alone on top of the island, 135 steps from the sea, the ancient altar site dedicated to King the gods Zeus!

In our great southern route and travel to the beach of white rocks (White Rocks) with turquoise waters, where we stop for about an hour for swimming and diving from the boat. 

Young and old do not lose the opportunity to make unforgettable photos and videos of their friends through the underwater vessel chamber as swim and dive with underwater background and beautiful blue sea. 

The boat has toilets, sunshade deck, air conditioning in the submarine chamber and spacious and can accommodate birthday parties, weddings and other social and family events.



For hotels and professionals of the tourism industry:

We will be happy to contact us by calling us on +30 6907 682 777 or by sending us a message on or for more detailed information or to suggest and discuss ways of cooperation. For more direct information regarding our tours please visit our website or follow us on our social networks. 

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