Yesterday’s charity event in the mountain, “open your eyes” with Peter lee and George Potamianos (pictures)


Great success yesterday’s mountain charity.
The purpose of this, raising money for the purchase of medical equipment (Automatic Defibrillator) to provide first aid to our fellow people.
The cause of the idea was recent deaths from any heart diseases.
Our campaign from now on, will be called “open your eyes” #Openyoureyes

To achieve the goal, the help of many friends I would like to thank!

In particular: Mr Charitáto for the lovely white wine 😜 Haritos Haritatos
Alex, Niko Allex Deja Nikos Goudinakis from “Saristra Festival” for music and lighting.
My wife peace, and friends, Vassiliky Gasparinatou Giannis KampanisLefteris Markantonatos Makis Pagoulatos Mike D. Komis Panagiotis Loukatos Vasilis Loukatos

source – FB post of George Potamianos

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