Your pension oops (Lionheart) has just arrived in Lourdas bay

A rather large yacht has just arrived in the bay and according to marine tracker is The Lionheart

Everything you need to know about Lionheart – Sir Philip Green’s new ship

STEP on board this £100 million floating palace that comes with its own florist and hairdresser

Celebrity guests will be welcomed on board the luxury new superyacht

Sir Philip Green’s pride and joy has finally set sail. 

The £100 million super yacht Lionhearted has just been delivered to the billionaire and his wife Tina in Malta. 

Designed by Pietro Mingarelli and Lady Tina herself, the luxury boat was four years in the making. 

There are six cabins on board the four-storey, 295-foot-long monstrosity. 

A monochrome colour scheme spreads throughout, lined with Italian marble and cream fabrics. 

Lionheart has a staggering 40 crew members, all dressed in cream uniforms, receiving tax-free wages starting from £2,500 per month. 

The Greens’ personal chef from Monaco will be on board as the couple sail around for the summer, with raw and superfoods featuring heavily on the menu. 

A dog walker will also be a permanent employee on the ship, for Lady Tina’s beloved pooches. 

Add to this a beauty salon with personal hairdresser, a masseur and a personal trainer and the couple will never have to dock. 

There’s a swimming pool, hot tub and helipad – as well as a mini boat to ferry visitors in and out. 

To make sure guests dine in style, ornate floral arrangements will be flown in for parties. 

The blooms hang from the ceilings and can take up to ten hours to arrange. 



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