Zaharaki for Three Hierarchs: It Will Not Be a Holiday, But There Will Be No Lessons

The Deputy Minister of Education, Sofia Zacharakis -Photo: INTIMENEWS / ZACHOS GIORGOS

Clarifications on how the Three Hierarchs’ Day will be celebrated in schools were provided by Undersecretary of Education Sofia Zacharakis in an interview.

“There will be no lessons on the day of the Three Hierarchs,” Sofia Zacharakis noted in “Theme 104.6”, heralding the sending of an interpretive circular to schools today for the layout.
It is recalled that the holiday ceases to be a public holiday with a draft law of the Ministry of Education for the National Higher Education Authority that has been tabled in Parliament.

Church on the day of the Three Hierarchs if conditions permit
“Children and teachers will honor the holy fathers with festive events. A great day can be done inside the school and if the conditions are favored by the church too, “the deputy minister explained.

Asked when children will be able to drop out of school, Sofia Zacharakis stressed that “this will be about school planning, when school celebrations will end and when the church will end.”

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