Zakynthos: Big damages from the bad weather – Roads, houses flooded and water heaters removed

Disasters from the bad weather in Zakynthos (Copyright: imerazante)

Major disasters in Zakynthos have been caused by the intense weather phenomena that hit the island in the early hours of Friday. Heavy rains flooded roads, houses and hotels in the area . Materials brought from the mountain, blocked main roads while due to the fury of the winds in Kalamaki, solar water heaters were taken down , which were found tens of meters away , wooden pergolas were completely dismantled .
The bad weather mainly affected the city of Zakynthos , Argassi , Kalamaki and Vasiliko where houses and businesses were flooded, while tons of mud closed the provincial road leading from Argassi to Vasilikos . It is noted that EMY has issued an emergency bulletin of dangerous weather phenomena, as a torrent will sweep the country.

According to imerazante , a landslide has occurred in the area of Kryoneri at the Aqueduct, due to the heavy rainfall. In many parts of the island the roads have been turned into rivers and the boundaries with the ditches are blurred, so care is required. In many parts of the island the roads have been turned into rivers and the boundaries with the ditches are indistinguishable.

According to the local page, shortly after 10 in the morning, a group of civil protection goes to the area of Argassi where the biggest problems so far occur due to the strong storm that hit the island for about 5 hours.

Rapid deterioration for 5 days – A torrent brings rain and thunderstorms

The weather is rapidly deteriorating in the country from today and according to the latest forecast data of the National Observatory of Athens / , the rains will continue until Tuesday as successive barometric lows will sweep Greece from west to east .



 For today, Friday, November 26, 2021, we expect rains and local thunderstorms in most parts of the country. The effects in the west and northeast are expected to be locally intense and have a longer duration. From the afternoon hours and gradually from west to east the effects will weaken except in the northwest and northeast parts where the local rains and thunderstorms will be maintained during the evening hours . The video that follows presents the rains from the forecasting model of the National Athens Observatory until the evening of Sunday 28 November 2021.


According to EMY , the phenomena that in places in western Greece and gradually in eastern Macedonia , Thrace and the northern Aegean will be intense, from the afternoon to the west will weaken and at night will be limited to the northeastern Aegean and Thrace .

Temporary snowfalls will occur in the mountains of northern Greece . The winds will blow from south until noon in the Ionian and from noon in the Aegean locally up to 8 Beaufort , but gradually in the west will turn to west southwest and will weaken .

The temperature in the north will reach 14 to 16 degrees, in the rest of the mainland and the Ionian islands 18 to 20 degrees and in the eastern island country 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

The strong stream of air at an altitude of about 10-11 km from the earth’s surface moving from west to east. The torrent is located in areas where there is a strong temperature difference between two gas masses, while the movement of the torrent determines the creation and movement of barometric systems.

This change in atmospheric circulation and the strong ripple of the torrent over the Western Mediterranean region will result in the transport of cold gas masses to Western and Central Europe, while the transport of hot gas masses is expected over the Eastern Mediterranean . Thus the wider region of the Central Mediterranean and Southeastern Europe will be at the boundary of two gas masses with a strong temperature difference thus creating a zone where the formation and movement of successive barometric lows is expected in the coming days. This will result in heavy and persistent rainfall in parts of southern Italy, the western parts of the Balkan Peninsula and the western parts of our country at least until the beginning of the new week.

The emergency weather report is in force

Meanwhile, the emergency weather report issued by EMY remains in force , according to which successive bad weather systems will affect the country from the west, mainly characterized by heavy rains and storms and stormy south-southwest winds that will reach 8. Beaufort.

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