Zakynthos: Big fire in progress at FODSA building site [images]

Zakynthos: Big fire in progress at FODSA building site – Photo: zantepress24
A large fire is under way at the Fodsa building site, at the airport area, Zakynthos.

Zakynthos’ powerful fire fighting force is on fire, according to Ionian Fire Brigade Regional Administrator Andreas Rizos, stressing that if expanded, buildings could be in danger of being burned.

The fire department has been put on alert in Zakynthos Prefecture, and the new Ionian Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa Tsagaropoulou, who told RES-EIA that “firefighters and civil protection of the District and the municipality are doing everything possible, is also on the spot.” fiery gloom. ”

According to Ms Kratsa, machines have been burnt so far, and she said “the fire is said to have been curtailed and not yet spread to buildings”.

It should be noted that the fire broke out at the time when the new Zakynthos Municipal Authority was sworn in.
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