Zakynthos – Big problems from the bad weather – CLOSED ROADS – Tornado in Argassi

The Department of Civil Protection of the Regional Unit of Zakynthos is on increased 24-hour standby

From the Civil Protection Service of the Regional Unit of Zakynthos, it is announced that according to the weather forecast of the Hellenic Meteorological Service, the weather in Zakynthos will worsen, from the early morning hours of Saturday 8-1-2022 until Monday 10/1/2022 with main characteristics of heavy rains, thunderstorms and possible hail.

Tonight, due to the strong storms and the large amount of water that fell in many areas of Zakynthos, local floods were created, resulting in problems on the Provincial Roads of Zakynthos – Alykon (in the municipality of Vanatou) Zakynthos – Romiriou (at the height of PALATAKI Station) and on the Municipal Roads, KTEO Zakynthos, Main Road Lagana, Municipal Road behind the Sarakinadou Theater and on the Road that passes through the Tragaki Prefecture at the height of the OLIVE Hotel.

Also, on the Zakynthos-Vasilikos Provincial Road (in Argassi Prefecture) a tornado phenomenon was created, resulting in a landslide with falling trees and rocks at the height of the Domenegini Tower.

Due to the large amount of water in E.O. Zakynthos – Alykon in T.K. Vanatou and the problems that were created in the passage of cars, for the safety of the life of the citizens, after consultation with the Police Directorate of Zakynthos, it was decided for the whole night, the E.O. Zakynthos – Alykon to remain closed from the intersection before the City Hall of Vanatos and at the height before the 1st Primary School of Kampos.

Also due to the danger, the Municipal Road behind the Sarakinadou Theater was closed.

Citizens are asked to avoid crossing these areas because the road is very dangerous !!!

From the Department of Civil Protection we address a strong recommendation to all residents of Zakynthos, if and when they notice extreme weather events in places to avoid unnecessary travel, especially in areas where there is a risk of landslides and local floods.

Especially the inhabitants of the lowland rural areas, to be especially careful in the phenomena of accumulation of sediments and objects that can cause problems in ditches, torrents, streams and private bridges.

For anything new from the E.M.Y. regarding worsening weather, there will be newer Extraordinary Press Releases.

The Department of Civil Protection of the Regional Unit of Zakynthos is on increased 24-hour readiness, in cooperation with all the competent Authorities and the presidents of the Local Communities.

All Services involved and Voluntary Organizations are requested to be on standby.

For their valid and correct information, all citizens can refer to the website of E.M.Y. while the relevant protection instructions can be found on the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

For any problem, everyone can contact the competent authorities by phone:


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