Zakynthos: Cable of PPC broke and electric killed horse and dog!


Unbelievable and tragic incident happened in a house in the area of ​​Ambelokipi when PPC cable was cut under unclear until now causes a leakage of electricity and injure a horse and a dog fatally. Everything was done very quickly.  As long as the family was inside the house, the cable broke and fell on the horse. The owner contacted the police, who arrived along with a veterinarian certifying the cause of the animal’s death. He himself speaks of poor cable maintenance on the part of the DEDDIE and, as he said, is afraid of the safety of his family.


“If there was proper network maintenance when the wire was cut, the relay would have fallen. Unfortunately, this has not even happened. We could be killed family, because if I watched the horse down, I would help and kill myself and my children and my mother-in-law and my wife. It remains a problem. They tell me in PPC that this is happening in Greece, to catch the wires with tweezers. And we pay PPC, maintenance fees on the columns, and I killed the horse and doggie. I immediately got a call to the PPC, he replied and says we will come. It passed 1 -1.5 hours. I got the 100 and was in five minutes here. I will hunt PPC did not kill anybody, “he said.
For her part, the Lawyer of Zakynthos, Marion Oppel, points out that “As soon as I went to Mr. Dimitris Kardaris’ house, his dead horse was still hot and the moment we turned it because he had made contact with the PPC that hanging was stuck on it. Because there was a great current, the ground and the grass and all the side of the horse that died of electric shock had burned. At the time he was dying, the dog went over and took it with him. The picture was tragic. The horse was a little horse. It looked 3.5 to 5 years old. Imagine you still had the grass in the mouth, that is, eating you found death. “
President Ampelokipi Sotiris Sourbis for the tragic incident said that “I want to believe it is not a maintenance issue but it was a bad time. Wire was cut and this accident happened. I was informed that PPC came after an hour. When I found PPC on the spot, I stopped the stream but the horse and the dog were over. Then came the vet. When I talked to PPC, I was told this is one in a million. “

In the communication we had with the head of DEADHE of Zakynthos did not want to be placed for the incident, however, Mr. Kardaris said that he will proceed against PPC and legally to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents in the future.


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