Zakynthos City Council Meeting and resolution on sewage

• “Ballas” Responsibilities 
• Two years of day-to-day vessels have not transported sewage to DEYZ 
• General findings on marine pollution 
• Disappeared citizens demand checks

For more than four hours, the City Council met on the issue of “burning” Zakynthian society, and no less than marine pollution. The meeting was attended by all competent authorities and services, while our fellow citizens, members of the group set up on the Internet, as well as many other well-informed Zakynthians, gave their potential. In particular, representatives of the Region, the Public Health Directorate and the Department of Environmental Health of the EE participated in the discussion. Zakynthos, the Port Authority, the National Technical Chamber of Greece, the Technical Chamber, the Associations of Hoteliers, members of the newly elected municipal and regional authorities and the Police Director. However, the owners of tourist boats and daydreams did not end up presenting the meeting.
Initially, the spokesmen of the groups formed and protesting about the acute problem took the floor, presenting the facts, describing the conditions and asking the authorities to take immediate action. It is worth mentioning that the letter of protest handed over to the Bureau has been signed by 5,500 citizens! The Zakynthos also asked that, in order for the controls to be effective, there should be close cooperation between the authorities. 
For his part, the Harbor Master analyzed the measures taken by the Marine Pollution Service and also spoke about the results of the latest checks, namely the imposition of fines on daydriver owners and a hotel in Argassi.

The resolution
The city council reached a resolution adopted unanimously, which initially recognizes that there is a problem of pollution of the seas and calls on all the co-responsible bodies and control mechanisms at all levels (the Ministry of Environment, the Department of Hygiene and Environment of the Region, the police, port controls) in order to eliminate marine pollution and exemplary punishment (administrative sanctions) by exposing the law to offenders in order to pass a clear message the society that there is zero tolerance towards all those who are destroying the future of this place. Also, the city council calls for the extension of all sewerage networks, the extension of the biological and the restoration of the landfill to the Purpose (leakage of leachate in the bay of Laganas).

General findings
Citizens had the opportunity to raise specific questions about pollution, with the checks carried out and their results, with the reasons for removing Blue Flags from the coasts, the operation of organic farming, the way in which it is managed of liquid waste from day-ships and tourist boats and received answers that unfortunately already knew. General findings and generalizations that did not diminish their anxiety or indignation about an actual and serious problem. There may be an open dialogue and everyone has been given the opportunity to express their own questions and opinions, but a resolution that merely asks for more intensive controls and the exemplary punishment of those who do not respect the law does not satisfy them,

The question of “fire” by Antonis Kassimatis
The drop that overflowed the glass and made the people gathered were the answer of the Deputy Head of Sewerage Department, Sotiris Nikolousu, who after a crucial question by the municipal councilor, Antonis Kassimatis, sewerage system at DEYAZ’s port facility, said that for two years, dewaters from a day boat have never been transported to DEYAZ!

Checks will continue 
The Port Authority, the Public Health Directorate and the Department of Environmental Hygiene of the Region, the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and all the competent authorities have assured the Zakynthians that they will continue their work, checks and sampling despite the major problems they face, lack of staff or bureaucracy etc Indeed, in the next period there will be closer cooperation between the Region and the NMPF for this purpose. It should be noted that the Region of the Ionian Islands has issued a mandate to carry out controls for pollution of sea water from land-based facilities in the following areas: Xygia, Alykes, Psarou, Tsilivi, Kryoneri, Porto Zorro, Dafni, Porto Roxa, Korakonisi. In his related document, which was read in the body by Regional Councilor Th. Kambitsis,“Also in every similar case that is requested by the Port Authority of Zante and always regarding the possible pollution from land-based facilities. To this end, to set up a specific timetable, which will be communicated to you. The above checks will be carried out by the Environmental Quality Control Centers (KEPPE) following a mandate of the Vice-President for the Zakynthos District and in any case by the Director of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Pin Association, D. Tryfonas. A staff member may be called an officer of the port authority if this is necessary, but without his absence hindering the progression of the planned controls. Please keep in touch with me as well as the Deputy Regional Governor of Zakynthos, Mr. E. Nikotopoulos “ .

After a four-hour session and ending with the adoption of a resolution, many fellow citizens were given the impression that this debate was only to make the Zakynthians elated and to wipe out their wrath. The thing is the next day! Wishbills, commitments that can not be implemented, ambiguities, the transfer of responsibilities, only have the effect of increasing the anxiety of our fellow citizens, who believe that the summer will be completed without a definitive solution. It is now necessary to cooperate with all actors, intensive controls, but also to create a comprehensive wastewater management plan. It was quite right at the meeting that many times it was necessary to extend and upgrade the networks. Surrogacy has created negative effects and once again on this island, we are called to make decisions on … and five! The infrastructure does not stand, but the island will not stand another ten years until the required projects are completed. Important political decisions are urgent and action is needed by everyone.

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