Zakynthos: Fire in recession between villages Kiliomenos and Agalas

The pine forest burning between the villages of Kiliomenos and Agalas is in recession, thanks to the immediate intervention of the fire forces.

More precisely, 12 vehicles with 20 firefighters and a hiking unit were operating at the site, while two Canadarian fire-fighting aircraft were making significant contributions to extinguishing the fire, thereby assisting ground fire forces.

At this point there will remain a large firefighting force in fear of a resurgence and there is a pre-emptive decision by the Zakynthos Civil Protection and Police Directorate to gradually evacuate the plateau over the well-known “Shipwreck” of Zakynthos, as Zakynthos is currently at 4 degrees Celsius. traffic on forest roads. At this point there is a police force that is slowly moving away from the world.

Source: RES-EIA

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