Zakynthos: Mafia style execution! They were shot by someone dressed as a policeman – A dead woman

The couple was shot in the cold while on a motorcycle. The woman fell dead with a bullet to the head. Her husband was taken to hospital. See the first pictures from the spot!

Everything happened before 15.00 at noon, in the area of ​​Agios Sostis in Zakynthos . While the victims – a man and a woman – were on a motorcycle, a 2nd motorcycle approached them.The co-driver opened fire on the couple, killing the woman on the spot. Among other things, he was shot in the head.

The man stopped a few meters below for help and was called by ambulance. He was taken to hospital where he was found to have 3 bullets in his body.

According to information, the co-driver of the 2nd motorcycle that shot the couple, was wearing a police uniform! In fact, they both wore white helmets that refer to what the men of the Police wear.

The unfortunate woman who lost her life, according to information, had rooms for rent in the area.

Police are conducting searches across the island to locate and arrest the perpetrators. However, the first data “show” a mafia strike…


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