Zakynthos: Upset with Italian tourists – They “broke” their quarantine to leave

Zakynthos was turned upside down by four Italian tourists, who had tested positive for the coronavirus and decided to leave the quarantine hotel and go to the airport in order to leave for Italy. They thought they would not miss them!

The four Italian tourists were staying in one of the two hotels in Zakynthos where the cases found on the island are staying.

The young Italians aged 21 to 23 left the quarantine hotel at noon on Thursday according to They went to Zakynthos airport with a “plan” to take the plane to Italy.

They had not taken into account the management of the quarantine hotel who had found that they were missing and had notified the authorities and so officers of the Zakynthos police department arrested the four Italian tourists at the airport.

They were each fined 5,000 for violating the house arrest and taken back to the quarantine hotel.

This is not the first time this has happened. About a month ago, four British tourists, who were close contacts, also tried to “break” the quarantine. And they, like, had the same fate as the young Italians…

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